Ready to go deeper in your faith?

Take the Next Step

These are some ways we encourage everyone to grow deeper in their faith.

He died so you can live

Jesus Loves You

Start a relationship with Him today.

Our simple act of obedience

Water Baptism

Tell the world you are following Jesus.

Every person has a unique story

Every Story Matters

We want to hear how God is working in your life.

You weren't meant to be alone

Ministry Groups

Because you need people who can be your people.

One person can't do it all

It Takes A Team

Join one of our ministry teams and serve the Dayspring Church community.

It's about more than just us

Serve the World

The world around us is full of needs. Help us serve those in need.

There's always more to be a part of

Stay Connected

Check back with our connect page every week to see how you can stay in the loop.