Children Matter at Dayspring Church

Families at Dayspring

We work hard to create safe and positive environments for children at Dayspring Church.

From Birth to Grade 5

Children's Ministries

Our Children's Ministry meets during our normal worship experiences each week to create an age-appropriate space for kids to learn about Jesus.

Middle & High School

Youth Ministries

Being a teenager isn't easy. Our youth ministry provides kids with the relationships and tools they need to thrive in their faith as they grow toward adulthood.

Raising a Family Can Be Hard

Parenting Resources

We've put together some resources for parents to support each other and navigate the waters of parenting in a way that centers families on Christ.

Adult Life Has Challenges, Too

Adult Resources

Sometimes it feels like being an adult isn't all it was cracked up to be. We have resources for you to learn how to manage finances, succeed in marriage, and show Christ in your workplace.